About Me

Welcome to Le Bon Bon Tree.  I have been in personalize gift and photo props business for over 3 years.  You can visit my Facebook page www.facebook.com/lebonbontree to see all the satisfactory customers during these years.   Please like my Facebook page to get updates on gift ideas and products.

I always have a passion for craft starting very early in my life.  I love dough making, paper flowering, doll making, dress making……..ideas always goes on and on… I used all sorts of materials to make toys to entertain myself and my little friends.

After years of working in scientific research, I decided to go with my childhood passion and do something that I really love to.  When my precious niece became 2 years ago,  I cannot stop making little hats, dresses, hairbands, crowns for her.  She is a little darling that can melt everybody’s heart.

bettina baby                   cupcake onesie 1

I first started as a one-of-a-kind baby gift store using various types of top quality materials and textures to create a unique piece.   My style is subtle, elegant, chic and vintage.  Little girls should be delicate and elegant.  After a while, I have many passionate photographers contacting me for making custom props for their studio.  So I ended up expanding my stores into two branches  — Lebonbontree Props Store and Lebonbontree OOAK Gift store.

This is the Lebonbontree OOAK Gift store page, where parents are always welcome to send me  new ideas of gift you wanted to handmade for your kids.  I love doing custom pieces.  I have handmade natural soap, hairbands, crowns, crochet hats set, crochet knit scarfs, mitten clips, pacifier clips, custom bowties, the list keeps getting longer and longer each day.

Most of my items are custom made or with limited quantities, making it extra special for your little one or your next studio session. Some of my items are also already made and ready for shipment!  Feel free to browse around and enjoy.